Virtual Onboarding

Introducing Vonboarding™

Vonboarding is a virtual onboarding service designed to help leaders and team members become more effective in virtual settings.

Vonboarding addresses the many simultaneous journeys new hires and employees experience when adapting to change to ensure proper support is provided along the way. This is how companies will keep people engaged and productive.

Vonboarding Journeys:

Meet and Greet:

This journey makes sure new hires or team members enjoy a positive first impression to include meeting team members and gaining an understanding of the organizations’ structure.

Engagement:  This journey focuses on ensuring continued connections are made at the right time with the right people to ensure employees grow comfortable conducting business virtually. Some touch-points are specifically to designed to create excitement, fuel engagement and help individuals understand how their position fits into and supports the organization’s strategic vision.

Culture: This journey is all about helping those new to an organization learn the company’s personality, values and social norms through planned “culture moments” delivered virtually.

Training: This journey is a methodical approach to supporting an associate learning the job, the company vocabulary, and how to effectively host and facilitate meetings using online collaboration tools.


All Vonboarding journeys include a definitive set of actions that will be spaced over time blocks to include:

  • Pre-Day 1 Preparation. Preparation is a team effort and sets the tone for a person’s perception of an organization. Working with the hiring manager and, at times, HR and Technology Teams, we ensure organizational readiness to set up, arrange online access and prepare to greet new members of any team prior to the start date. Plan three weeks ahead of the first day to ensure a positive experience at the start.
  • Day 1 Experience: This day has been planned to ensure a positive and balanced experience for new team members. Facilitation is provided by your Vonboarding Mentor throughout the day so the new team member enjoys continual access to support while seamlessly launching the Get to Know, Engagement, Culture and Training journeys.
  • Month 1 Experience:
  • Month 3 Experience:
  • Month 6 Experience:
  • Vonboarding Wrap Up:


Each journey includes specific objectives and feedback loops designed to create consistent and effective onboarding experiences for your employees as well as increasing comfort and performance in a virtual setting.

These skills are key for any employee, leader and organization to realize their potential in this new era. Contact us now at for more information.

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